Protection of personal information

1. Purposes and Scope of Gather:

Data gathered on’s e-commerce platform are mainly emails, phone numbers, usernames, passwords, customers’ addresses (members). These are the information that requires members to provide when registering a service. Then can contact the members to confirm their registration on the website in order to guarantee consumers’ rights and benefits.

Members will be responsible for the privacy and archive the use of services under their registration name, password and email. In addition, members will be responsible for promptly informing’s e-commerce platform of unauthorized use, abuse, privacy violation, and third parties archiving registration names and passwords in order to come up with an appropriate resolution.

2. Scope of Use of Information:’s e-commerce platform uses the information provided by members to:

-  Provide services for members.

- Send notifications about the information exchange between members and’s e-commerce platform.

-  Prevent user account demolishment conducted by members or member impersonation.

-  Contact and resolve with members in special cases.

-  Not to use members’ information for purposes that are different from those that have been confirmed and associated with’s e-commerce platform.

-  In the case that there is a request made by laws,’s e-commerce platform has the responsibility to cooperate and provide members’ personal information when receiving requests from judicial bodies which include Court of Investigation, Court, and Police Department for investigating law violations of the customers. Moreover, no one can access members’ personal information.

3. Archiving Time of Information:

Members’ personal data will be archived until there is a request for cancel or the members login and make the cancel themselves. In other cases, all of members’ personal information will be secure on’s servers.

4. Address of the Personal Information Gather and Management Body:


Address: 625/9 – 625/11, Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel.: (84.28) 2511 9242

Fax: (84.28) 3511 9245


5. Means and Tools for Users to Approach and Edit Their Personal Data:

Members have the right to check, update, modify or remove their personal information by logging in to their accounts and then editing the personal information or requesting to do so for them.

Members have the right to send complaints about personal information being disclosed to third parties to’s e-commerce platform. When the complaints are received, will reconfirm the information and have the obligation to explain the reason to members and instruct them on how to recover and protect their information. Email contact:

6. Committing to Protecting Customers’ Personal Information:

Members’ personal information on is guaranteed to be completely confidential in accordance with’s policy of Protection of Personal Information. Gather and use of members’ information can only be possible when the customers have consented, except for cases that are stipulated differently by laws.

Do not use, transfer, supply or disclose any members’ personal information to any third parties without members’ consent.

In the event that the servers for storing the information get hacked, leading to data loss. has the responsibility to inform appropriate authorities in order to handle the situation in time and let the members know.

Keep all online transaction information of Members confidential, including information of accounting bills, digital documents at the tier 1 data center security of‘s board of management requires individuals to provide all personal information when registering, including full name, address, email, ID number, telephone number, etc., and shall take legal responsibilities for those information. The board will neither take responsibilities for nor resolve complaints related to benefits of members if the information the members provide are proved to be false at the initial registration.