Dispute resolution process

Dispute resolution process

When a dispute emerges, giaovienngoisao.com company prefers negotiation and settlement between parties in order to maintain trust of members in the company’s service quality. The process shall be as follow:

+ Step 1: Members send in complaints about the website’s services, incorrect job information, etc. to email: info@vsionglobal.com.

+ Step 2: Customer services or sales department receive the complaints and promptly act to resolve and answer those complaints based on the policies published by the Company.

+ Step 3: According to the severity of the fault, the Company will conduct appropriate measures. In the case that both parties can not negotiate, the Company shall take the case to authorized state bodies to resolve in accordance with the laws. Giaovienngoisao.com, recruiters and job seekers have the responsibility to receive complaints and aid recruiters or job seekers in relation to the job description posted on giaovienngoisao.com website.

The amount of time for resolving complaints will be within 3 days since the day the complaints are received.

Sending in the complaints at:


Address: 625/9 – 625/11, Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel.: (84.28) 2511 9242

Giaovienngoisao.com respects and seriously follows law provisions related to protection of job seekers’ rights. Therefore, members are recommended to post full, correct, true and detailed recruitment information associated with the job description on the platform. Any act of fraud or cheat will be condemned and judged in accordance with the laws.

Parties including job seekers and recruiters have the responsibility to actively resolve the problems. For recruiters, they need to provide documents to testify the information related to the matter that causes the dispute between recruiters and job seekers. For giaovienngoisao.com, the company has the responsibility to provide information related to recruiters and job seekers if one of the two parties (related to the dispute) requires.

After job seekers and recruiters resolve the dispute, they have the responsibility to report to giaovienngoisao.com’s board of management. In case that there is a dispute in transaction and the recruiters are at fault, giaovienngoisao.com will take measures such as warning, locking the accounts or transferring the case to authorized legal bodies based on the severity of the fault. Giaovienngoisao.com will remove all recruiters’ posted job description on giaovienngoisao.com. 

If both parties, recruiters and job seekers, can not resolve the dispute in transaction by negotiation, one of the parties can request an authorized legal body to handle the case in order to protect the rightful benefits of both parties.